Custom Jewelry Projects

Custom jewelry projects are collaborative experience working with Masumi to create the special piece just for you.


After your initial inquiry, all clients are required to fill out a custom project questionnaire. If you are local clients, we offer complimentary, half an hour design consultations in our Brooklyn studio. Consultations help Masumi understand your vision and help you get a better idea of the process of the project and possibilities of your ideas. During this meeting, we will review your custom project questionnaire, brainstorm ways of carrying out your vision. Masumi will share her initial design ideas and will lay out any necessary steps for our collaboration. She will also provide you with your project’s timeline, payment details and other specifics.

All custom projects are designed within the Lio&Linn aesthetic. It is always helpful to see visual inspiration for your project, but we will not recreate a piece that you've found on the internet. 

After the consultation, we will be in touch with a project estimate and a round of sketches. Upon approval, we will issue our custom project contract and an invoice for non refundable 50% deposit. Once the deposit is received, we start to work. Your project will typically take 2 months to finish.

To source gemstones and diamonds, Masumi will research and source your gemstone through established gemstone dealers in-person. This process requires constant communication with each dealers, including spending more time in jewelry district, receiving samples in-studio and coordinating exchanges, then relaying that information to you for your approval. 

Heirloom gemstones and diamonds that are provided by you, we must inspect stones before we can determine if they are usable in a new design. We love to give new life to heirloom gemstones. However, utilizing these gems often increases the cost due to the additional work required to incorporate the heirlooms into the design.  With that in mind, we will accept heirloom gemstones on a case-by-case basis and we are not liable for loss or any damages to your stones during the design process. 

All Lio&Linn jewelry uses recycled metals, however we cannot melt down or use your metal for your project. 

Upon project is done, we will reach out to you with finished images. Once approved, we will send you the final invoice and arrange pick up or shipping as necessary. 

Custom RingsIf your ring needs to be adjusted, We offer a free first sizing within 60 days of completion of custom work to ensure a perfect fit. There will be extra cost for any additional sizing.

We hope you enjoy working with us and love your custom piece! Thank you for choosing Lio&Linn to be a part of your special story.